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murder house

I’m going to live in that house

You’re gonna regret it
Anonymous: How do I get an emo as a boyfriend/girlfriend?


sleep at your local cemetery for exactly 13 hours and 19 minutes. you will acquire the presence of the dead. this cloud of the deceased will only be visible to the truest emos. you will become irresistible to all who pass willingly through a hot topic entrance and know all the lyrics to Hawthorne Heights’ staple album “The Silence in Black and White.” but take caution, with great power comes great responsibility. you will find yourself addicted to flat irons and jeans that cut off your circulation. eventually your life will spiral downwards and you wont have enough money for the Blood Red Romance and Suffocate Me Dry concert. you can survive this pit of despair by starting a poetic log of all your lack of feeling and utter apathy on

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confused dad jensen is my favorite
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hi yes i havent been on in forever but im back bc supernatural tonight ok

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